Our story / 我们的故事-公司简介

Symbio is a global software engineering and R&D services company.

We help our clients build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage, and amaze their customers.

We work in an innovation co-creation partnership with our clients and are trusted advisors towards our clients in the different phases of development.

Our mindset has a collaborative and agile approach and we are passionated innovators who love doing great technical solutions.






Have a look in our office / 欣赏一下我们的办公环境

Fueled by passion / 激情四射


We always have the client in focus. Even though we love creating innovations, the value it will bring to the client, helping them succeed and grow will be the most important fuel for us.

Excellence is the foundation for what we do. We strive for excellence in order to provide the best products and the most innovative solutions for our customers.



  • 灵感

    People are individuals and find their inspiration in different ways. For some, their creative energy peak is earlier in the morning when it’s quiet and peaceful, whilst others prefer the synergy from a discussion with a colleague. At Symbio we encourage you to find your own way to get that spark of inspiration.
  • 沟通

    We know that effective communication increases productivity. But most important of all is that it is clear about what the performance expectations are. We strive to have a culture of feedback, in a regular and structured way.
  • 信仰

    We believe in the power of curiosity, risk-taking and proactive exploration to find the greatest potential of a new idea. We never stop asking the question - "how things could be better?". If you have an idea, believe in yourself and the value it will bring to the rest of the organisation.
  • 敏锐

    We embrace people to adapt to different challenges and find solutions quickly. We believe that a truly flexible and adaptive person takes initiative and get things done, even when the world around is changing.
  • 实时

    We’re responsive and receptive to ever changing markets and technologies and encourage curiosity and interest for the latest technology trends. Keeping up with trends and you will continue to be a valuable asset for the whole organisation.
  • 生活

    We believe people want to do great work and to have fun along the way. That’s the greatest energy source we’ve got. It brings people into the organisation and keeps them there. We will never shut that feeling down with bureaucracy of any kind.
  • 学习

    We openly share knowledge with each other and challenge ourselves to always keep learning. It’s essential in everything we do. We strive for the hunger of knowing and learning new things.
  • 专业

    We treat each other with respect and value and recognize diversity. We keep ourselves open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

We get stuff done. We have fun. We test. We learn. We work well together. We think big. We care about the product we are building. We push boundaries.

We love what we do & we take the time to do it right.



People at Symbio / 信必优大家庭

More about Amanda

Amanda Zhang Senior Recruiting Specialist

More about Andy

Andy Liu Senior Project Manager

More about Anne

Anne Zhang Recruiting Associate Manager

More about Ben

Ben Liu PM and Account Manager

More about David

David Zheng Site Manager, SZ

More about Depp

Depp Deng Software Developer

More about Devin

Devin CAI Recruiting Senior Specialist

More about Dora

Dora Yu China RMO Manager

More about Jaffery

Jaffery Lin Recruiting Associate Manager

More about Kevin

Kevin Zhang Recruiting Associate Manager

More about Lorry

Lorry LUO Recruitment Operation

More about Mandy

Mandy Li RMO Training Lead

More about Mankel

Mankel Li Sr. Software Engineer

More about Pony

Pony Ma Finance Manager

More about Rex

Rex Li Architect

More about Sasa

Sasa He Associate Manager, Delivery

More about Sophine

Sophine Zhao Associate Manager

More about Vicky

Vicky Liu SZ Recruiting Specialist

More about Victor

Victor Cen Project Manager

More about Zhizhi

Zhizhi Zhang Recruiting Associate Manager

What is happening / 公司动态

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Are you the next Symbian? / 你是下一个信必优人吗?

We are looking for smart and talented individuals who want to contribute to our team in a big way. We want people who love the idea of chatting with clients and learning how to make our clients successful at what they do. Most of all, we want you to be passionate about working together with us to build something awesome!

Find your fit! / 挑选适合你的职位

We are actively looking for new teammates in these positions:

If you don't see a perfect fit in our open positions, that's okay! You can still tell us about your special talents and why we should make you the next Symbioker.

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