• Location: Chengdu/成都
  • Number of openings: 1


What You’ll Be Doing

  • Hands-on with every aspect of our technical operations
  • Improve and scale a highly available serving platform to handle billions of requests daily worldwide
  • Implement infrastructure, system, application level monitoring to ensure high system availability
  • Improve and manage application/configuration deployment tools
  • Architecture design and capacity planning using system metrics
  • Work with a world-class engineering team to tune and scale our production environment
  • Design and see your creative ideas implemented in production
  • Automation, automation, and more automation
  • Share 24×7 on-call duties to maintain system availability


  • Experience in highly available 24×7 production environment(not must)
  • Passion for automation
  • Experience with AWS; Azure, EC2, VPC, Auto Scaling
  • Experience with CentOS, Puppet, Ansible, MySQL, Redis, Memcache, Couchbase, Apache, HAProxy
  • Experience with Networking, Security, Colocation, CDN
  • Experience with Nagios, Monit, Cacti, Graphite, ELK stack
  • Experience with server virtualization technology, KVM, XEN, VMWare
  • Experience with scripting in various shell, Python
  • Be an excellent and creative problem solver. You don’t need to know everything but you need to know how to find the solution
  • Self-motivated, organized and able to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent oral/written communication and documentation skills
  • Good R&W English; oral English.


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