• Location: Shenzhen / 深圳
  • Number of openings: 1

I.   Education
1. Bachelor degree of above, major in Computer and Science;
2. 2 years working experience in iOS development, within at least 1 year in iOS applications of big product.
II. Technical
1. Familiar with IOS development platform and master Objective-C, proficient in using Xcode;
2. Deep understand IOS SDK, could design IOS SDK framework and module architecture independently, performance analysis and optimization;
3. Familiar with mixed application development and experienced in react is preferred;
4. Familiar with putaway process of AppStore;
5. Good coding habit with good English reading & writing ability;
6. Good team work, communication skill and comprehensive ability, strong responsibility and anti-pressure ability.

1. 重点院校本科及以上学历,计算机、通信等相关专业;
2. 2年及以上大型公司软件开发工作经历,有1个以上大型产品的IOS开发经验,至少1年以上IOS客户端APP软件开发经验;
1. 熟悉IOS开发平台,熟悉掌握Objective-C,熟练使用Xcode开发环境;
2. 对IOS SDK有深入了解,能独立设计IOS SDK框架及模块架构,能对移动应用进行性能分析和优化;
3. 熟悉混合应用开发,有react经验优先;
4. 熟悉AppStore上架流程,有AppStore上架作品优先;
5. 有良好的代码编码习惯,具有较好的英文读写能力;
6. 优秀团队合作能力、沟通理解能力,工作责任心及抗压能力强。

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