• Location: Beijing/北京
  • Number of openings: 1

工作地点: 北京市海淀区上地五街高立二千大厦

项目描述: (我们是一支掌握核心技术的自动化测试和开发团队)


  • 负责公司项目组内部的应用开发和工具开发相关工作,建立并完善的测试开发体系
  • 搭建合适的自动化测试框架和服务,解决实际使用过程中的问题,不断优化框架,维护升级版本,提高自动化测试脚本的效率、稳定性和可维护性
  • 与国内外同事进行工作沟通,完成开发和测试任务
  • 理解测试需求并编写自动化测试脚本,完成测试任务
  • 持续有效管理自动化脚本的开发和维护工作
  • 解决开发和测试过程中的复杂技术问题,提升组员开发技能,并探索新的测试开发技术


  • 本科及以上学历,计算机相关专业,英文读写熟练
  • 精通软件开发流程,3年以上使用Java,Spring或Spring Boot 的开发工作经验
  • 熟练使用常见的开发工具,如Eclipse或Intellij, Git、Maven、testNG、Jenkins等
  • 熟悉Linux和数据库知识


  • 精通UI自动化测试开发、移动端自动化测试开发
  • 最好有搭建配置Web/Android/IOS产品的自动化测试环境的能力
  • 强烈的责任心,较强的分析、学习能力,及较好的沟通能力
  • 不限国籍

Job Title: Sr. Java Development Engineer

Work Location: 1st Floor, Gāo lì èrqiān dàshà, No. 5 Shang Di Wu Jie, Haidian District, Beijing

Project Description: (We are a master of the core technology of the automated test team)

Job Description:


  • Develop and maintain Java application for LQA team, with Java, Spring Boot, MySql
  • Provide accurate estimates for design and implementation
  • Design and Maintain an automation platform
  • Write automation test scripts and finish testing
  • Develop/utilize tools and programs to facilitate testing
  • Work on backend layers, such as third-party tools, API, services, database, etc., to ensure the underlying technical changes comply with software requirements
  • Interpret requirements to develop the features
  • Adhere to team priorities and work well in an integrated develop/test environment

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above, computer related professional, English reading and writing proficient, fluent in spoken English
  • Master software development process and Java language, more than 3 years experience in software development with Java 1.8, Spring Boot, MVC and Data
  • Proficient with common development tools, such as Eclipse (or Intellij), Git, Maven, Jenkins
  • Proficient with Linux and shell
  • Familiar with database knowledge, and MySql
  • Prefer to have UI automated testing experience for web and mobile products, with Selenium and Appium
  • Strong sense of responsibility, strong analysis, learning ability, and better communication skills
  • No nationality limited

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