• Location: Beijing
  • Number of openings: 1


  • 负责公司项目组内部的应用开发和工具开发相关工作,建立并完善的测试开发体系
  •  分析公司各项目系统,设计制定自动化测试开发整体方案、策略
  • 搭建合适的自动化测试框架和服务,解决实际使用过程中的问题,不断优化框架,维护升级版本,提高自动化测试脚本的效率、稳定性和可维护性
  • 与国内外同事进行工作沟通,完成开发任务
  •  指导初级/中级开发和自动化工程师,并持续有效管理自动化脚本的开发和维护工作
  •  解决开发和测试过程中的复杂技术问题,提升组员开发技能,并探索新的测试开发技术


  • 本科及以上学历,计算机相关专业,英文读写熟练
  • 精通软件开发流程,5年以上使用Java,Spring或Spring Boot 的开发工作经验
  • 熟练使用常见的开发工具,如Eclipse或Intellij, Git、Maven、testNG、Jenkins等
  • 熟悉Linux和数据库知识
  •   有UI自动化测试开发、移动端自动化测试开发者优先
  • 强烈的责任心,较强的分析、学习能力,及较好的沟通能力
  • 不限国籍




  • Develop and maintain Java application for LQA team, with Java, Spring Boot, MySql
  • Provide accurate estimates for design and implementation
  • Design and Maintain an automation platform
  • Develop/utilize tools and programs to facilitate testing
  • Work on backend layers, such as third-party tools, API, services, database, etc., to ensure the underlying technical changes comply with software requirements
  • Interpret requirements to develop the features
  • Adhere to team priorities and work well in an integrated develop/test environment


Job requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above, computer related professional, English reading and writing proficient, fluent in spoken English
  2. Master software development process and Java language, more than 5 years experience in software development with Java 1.8, Spring Boot, MVC, Data and Core
  3. Proficient with common development tools, such as Eclipse (or Intellij), Git, Maven, Jenkins
  4. Proficient with Linux and shell
  5. Familiar with database knowledge, and MySql
  6. Prefer to have UI automated testing experience for web and mobile products, with Selenium and Appium
  7. Strong sense of responsibility, strong analysis, learning ability, and better communication skills
  8. No nationality limited

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