Senior Recruiting Specialist

As a senior recruiter of Chengdu branch recruitment team , I mainly responsible for Chengdu branch of local recruitment purpose and chengdu recruitment team management coordination work, I joined Symbio more than four years, during this period, I was responsible for more than ten projects of the recruitment work, precipitated the domestic and foreign different project technical post recruitment experience.

At present, I am responsible for leading the Chengdu team to tackle key and difficult positions and a large number of demanding positions in various regions of Symbio. In the recruitment team in Chengdu, every colleague is a recruitment expert, who can play his or her own role, and can also cooperate well with other team members. Today, the Chengdu recruitment team has become more and more powerful, we are young and energetic, positive in face of life, in face of work do not give up speaking out of turn.


We will continue to work hard, and we believe that in the near future, the Chengdu recruitment team will bring more successful recruitment cases to the Sinobit China project!

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