Site Manager, SZ

I am the Site Manager of Symbio Shenzhen. I joined Symbio four years ago as a Delivery Manager. I really enjoy working here because of its multicultural working environment. You will feel a good integration of eastern and western cultures. We are also providing services to our clients globally.  Most of the people working here are IT talents with great passion. We are not only providing IT services to our clients, we are building partnership with them. We have traditional IT projects, and we are also helping our clients for some innovative solutions through design thinking methodologies. As the Site Manager, I am responsible for building delivery team and ensure successful service delivery, providing coordination among different departments when necessary. My passion and motivation is to make Symbio Shenzhen a great place to work.

我是Symbio 深圳公司总经理。4年前我加入Symbio时是交付总监。我非常喜欢工作在Symbio这一多元文化的工作环境当中,当你工作在这里的时候你会感觉到这里是东西方文化很好的交融,我们在这里也是为我们的客户提供全球的服务。绝大多数在这工作的都是富有激情的IT精英,我们不仅是在为我们的客户提供IT服务,我们也是在和我们的客户建立合作伙伴关系。这里有传统的IT项目,也有在帮助我们的客户运用设计思维方法作业务创新。做为总经理,我负责构建交付团队,确保服务的成功交付,同时也负责部门之间的协调工作。我致力于把Symbio深圳营造成一个人人喜欢的工作地点。

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Site Management, Delivery Management, Training, Resources Management, Client Relationship Management, Business Development, Employer Branding.


Some trivia / 其它想说的

If I am not at work, I enjoy quality time with my family. I am becoming passionate on music after spending a lot of time with my son on learning how to play piano. It’s a good time to relax when I’m listening to the music flowing out from my son’s fingers. I also like sports and I am a badminton enthusiast. I am a member of Symbio badminton group and I really enjoy playing with colleagues.


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