Recruiting Senior Specialist

Enhance core competence and help business development.

As the head of the RMO hunting of Symbio China, my main work is to promote the recruitment of SGA posts and other related posts of Symbio China, supplement the corresponding vacant positions for various departments of the company, do a good job in talent reserve and industry information collection, establish the corresponding reserve of industry talent resource pool, and provide internal assistance for the development of the company.

Founded in early February 2021, RMO is a new team formed under the adjustment of the organizational structure of the Department. However, as a part of RMO, we are ready to contribute our strength to the business development of Symbio China. At present, we have three partners in our team, and we are still recruiting. If you want to make some achievements through your own efforts, Symbio will provide you with a broad stage, and there will be a place for you. At the same time, we also welcome industry exchanges and business cooperation, any idea can also contact me at the first time.



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Recruiting and Communication.


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I love delicious food, and all the good things.


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