Recruiting Associate Manager

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As associate manager in recruiting department of Symbio GuangZhou, I was mainly responsible for implementing and promoting the recruitment of various positions, replenishment of core and key talents for the development of the company, establishment of reserve talent selection scheme and talent reserve mechanism, and planning, searching, following up and controlling the whole recruitment process together with the recruiters.

GuangZhou RMO is a united, idealistic and passionate team.

Join us and you will gain a valuable gift: a good working atmosphere, some knowledgeable, capable colleagues who are willing to teach by words and deeds, a broad space for development, and a charming stage!

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加入我们,你将获得一份珍贵的礼物: 一个良好的工作氛围,一些有知识、有能力、愿意言传身教的同事,一个广阔的发展空间,一个魅力舞台!


I love working with / 我热爱的领域

Recruiting and Communication.


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I like watching movies and playing games.


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