Recruiting Associate Manager


I am working in a team filled with energy, solidarity and friendship. We are the front troop of the company and are responsible for recruiting talented people with versatile skills. The recruiting level varies from high-tech engineers to manager level.
During the recruiting process, what we need to do is not only to complete the task; we also have to balance the benefit between candidates and our company.
I always reflect on below questions:
What kind of candidates do we need?
What qualities or skills should candidates possess?
Which company should candidates come from and could be quite fit for our positions?
What candidates expect on their career development and what we could provide them?
Concerning welfare and salary, how can I strive for a decent one for my candidate?
I’m struggling while fulfilling above questions but it’s also the best part of my job.
I’m very happy to face the challenge and it’s also very meaningful to me if I succeed.


I love working with / 我热爱的领域

Smart team, experienced, responsible, quick learner, filled with positive energy

机灵 猎聘经验丰富 责任感强  学习能力强  充满正能量

Some trivia / 其它想说的

I’d like to spend time with my friends eating, chatting, shopping and travelling. It makes me feel relaxed. What’s more, I can get some extra information from them as we work in different kinds of companies.

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