Associate Manager

I have been responsible for more than 20 on-site projects such as Tencent, Citics,Cigna and SZ Airlines since joining in Symbio, dealing with complicated customer relationship and employee relations, and trying utmost to grow our business by bringing new offers from the clients, retaining existing employees as well as employee care and team building activities. It has always been my goal to make customers satisfied and employees have a sense of belonging.

It is your attitude, not your aptitude that decides your altitude. I loves this motto very much. If you also like or agree to this, welcome to join in our team.

进入信必优至今,负责和接触过20多个on-site项目团队,包括Tencent、Citics、Cigna、SZ Airlines等等,经常去客户现场处理复杂的客户关系和员工关系;通过有效的客户需求管理、现场员工管理和团队建设等来扩大团队规模,给公司带来业绩,当然让客户满意和让员工有归属感一直也是我追求的目标。

我个人很喜欢的一句话:It is your attitude, not your aptitude that decides your altitude.如果你也喜欢这句话,欢迎加入到我们团队中来。

I love working with / 我热爱的领域

I like to learn from different clients and discuss with them about problems encountered in the process of the project and find the effective solutions, and I also like to talk with members of different project teams to understand the characteristics and personality of each team’s members better.


Some trivia / 其它想说的

I love hiking, climbing and collecting stamps


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