QA Intern

As an entry-level software QA, I am thankful for the knowledge sharing and training of the project team which provide relevant information about the customer’s needs in a more comprehensive way. At work, colleagues patiently teach and answer my questions, give me lots of motivation and confidence. My leader encourages us to develop our job skills so we can advance our career. I will always keep it in mind and practice.
If I want to be an excellent test engineer, I must study hard, broaden my horizons as well as enhance my practical operating capability. Find more defects and find more valuable defects. Improve the quality of products. Create more value for the company.


I love working with / 我热爱的领域

As a QA intern, I am curious about everything new. I try my best to learn QTP Automation & Manual Functional Test, requirement management and testing for all modules.
I hope that I will be a senior QA engineer by working hard at Symbio one day, meanwhile, I appreciate that Symbio gives me the chance and platform to improve myself.

作为一名测试实习生,我对一切新事物都感到好奇,并尽自己最大的努力,学习QTP 自动化和手动功能测试,需求管理及各模块的测试。我希望有一天,通过自己的努力,成为一名高级测试工程师,同时我也非常感激公司提供了一个很好的平台给我提升自己。

Some trivia / 其它想说的

Besides, I like sports and reading.


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