Project Manager

Tune the team to work harmoniously  

As a project manager, my responsibility is to comprehensively manage Guangzhou site projects (except HSBC projects), I need oversee any associated products and services, project tools and techniques to help ensure good practices. In addition, I am responsible for recruiting and building project teams, and making projections about the project’s risks and uncertainties.

Managing relationships and personalities is a huge part of being a project manager. Teams must work, plan and communicate well together. The ability to collaborate and maintain successful team member relationships is crucial. Friction, conflict and honest disagreements are part of the creative process, but the project manager must be sure these do not destroy the project. Making sure team members feel valued, recognizing and praising superior work, and maintaining a quality working environment for all team members will aid in this human management effort.




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Client Relation Management, Team Development, Delivery Management


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Music Lover, Travel Enthusiast


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