Mobile Developer

I am focused on iOS development since I started working,and I keep improving my knowledge by continuously learning new skills。I have independently developed a new type of App but I still think I don’t have enough experience. I hope by connecting with more people and exploring what’s in it in the society, I can understand society and software better. I want to join more projects to improve the ability of software design and programming technology. I want to take part in a new project with more challenges and opportunities. Improve my own vision,from simple coding to a bigger perspective of the whole project.  I feel like I am in the peak period of making progress.


I love working with / 我热爱的领域


Some trivia / 其它想说的

I visit the gym and go swimming when I am free. I motivate myself to go out of my comfort zone and I am very excited to meet more interesting people, do more interesting things and see more beautiful sceneries.


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